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Silk Boss Held And Physically Assaulted By Thugs_ watch video

(Full story)A viral video emerged showing Jamaican Dancehall Artist Rohan Reid aka 'Silk Boss', being held and slapped by two unknown assailants.

It's unclear what lead to the incident but words on the streets are claiming that it has something to do with the "Gulf Man" Don.. Many claim that he disrespected the Don so the two thugs came to discipline him.. 

Despite having tough words in songs, others claim he's seen a soft youth in the area and isn't a "thug" in real life but a "chatty mouth". This caused the hoodlums to have no fear to physically assault him. 


The Surgery singer is yet to comment about the incident. 

Wattagwaan: " Mankind heart naah no love, dem nuh have no feelings " ~ SilkBoss 

Other speculation

Whatever the situation is, I believe this was a frightening experience for the artist who I believe is still traumatized by it.. It doesn't end there cos he now has to be careful what he do or say about what took place as he fears for his life.

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