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What are the 10 laws of manhood?

The 10 laws of manhood are as follows...

 1. Never look at the most beautiful woman in the room; ignore her and she will make herself more appealing to you.

2. When you want to say something to the group, speak loudly and clearly, then stop everyone and continue.

3. Respect everyone, regardless of gender, race, caste, or profession. Giving respect is the symbol of manhood.

4. Say no to alcohol and cigarettes; if you can't resist, it's okay to indulge in them on occasion. But first, try to avoid.

5. Love everyone, but love for parents should come first, because parents are no one but God.

6. It is acceptable to pay your friends' and colleagues' bills on occasion. You could make yourself happy by feeding the poor.

7. Never backbite your friends or colleagues; real men only listen to these nonsense but never take it seriously. You should treat everyone equally and not be swayed by the opinions of others.

8. Unnecessary laughter is not for real men; instead, laugh on real occasions and try to make everyone laugh and happy with your humor without hurting their feelings.

9. Last but not least, real men go to the gym and meditate every day, get up early, make plans for the next day at night, practice in front of the mirror, have good dress sense, respect everyone, and let your charm speak for itself.

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