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All you need to Know about 100%Talent Jamaica

Enter Now!! 100%Talent is the only Jamaican Talent competition open to any age and any talent – Anything goes from Djs, Sing Jays, Rappers, magicians to marching bands, comedians, dancers to singers , acrobats and  Cheerleaders and so much more.


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We have Kicked off the competition and the peek of excitement has been breeched. the videos have premierd on tiktok and has been making their way around social media, the fans are trulely appreciating the talented acts so far. Apart from having talent in portmore we have contestants from in and around St Cthaerine, such as kingston St Andrew, Clarendon and Manchester.Come on out this friday and enjoy the show. and plaese remember to vote for you favorite contestant. 















We are opening our stage to the most unique acts and performers Jamaica has ever seen!

100%Talent, your favorite talent show is back!!! and we are hitting the road to find the most talented acts for this year's competition.  All Contestants need are skill and star quality which will impress our judges audience.



New Audition date September 23,2022


We are showcasing Jamaican talent in a new and exciting way, this talent show is powered by the people, using physical votes to encourage interactivity and social media for exposure.

We are aiming for maximum exposure as we plan to broadcast live on the more popular social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram PEPA tv online and NCS Cable network which spans out across Jamaica!



The auditions are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for performers to showcase their talent to the series' producers in hopes of being able to take the stage in front of the judges.




The fun never ends as there are prizes and surprises, with weekly cash prizes, spot prizes and the grand prize!!! 

the show also carries certain oppurtunities such as professional photoshoots, Video interviews, music videos and  record deals.



The Series lasts for 10 weeks starting June September 17 to December 3 with 5 elimination shows and the grand finale. 

As the producers of this show PEPA is big on community development through entertainment and online socialization, we have created our own Jamaican social network and video management website exclusively for Jamaicans and Jamaican content. 100% Talent is one of our first gameshow series with more to come.

The unique structuring of the show also focuses on the judges and their personalities, not only the contestants,

Apart from contestants earning cash prizes and possible opportunities to grow their talent, this show can benefit the community in a few ways, focusing on the youths,  it can be seen as a way to help boost the self-esteem, confidence, and assurance of our young Jamaicans. As the country slowly return to some form of normalcy, it may also to help prevent juvenile delinquency among children, teens, and young adults as they have a task to focus on.

Therefore, making 100%Talent a priority is a step in the right direction





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