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How to earn on Pepa Social

Earning on pepa Social is quick and easy just follow these simple instructions


PEPAcoins is the official digital currency for PEPAsocial, You earn pepa coins for every task you do on this platform, simple task like posting, commening or liking a post or comment.
Even though the website is based in Jamaica we have a international following therefore we go by US currency during exchange or withdrawal.
1500 PepaCoins is worth US$1 ! you can cash out at US$5 thats equavilent to 7500 Pepacoins
Its as easy as1-2-3!

1. Earn 2 Pepa Coins by commenting on any post

2. Earn 5 Pepa Coins by creating a new post

3. Earn 1 Pepa Coins by reacting on any post

unless is a double up day or month where we double the earnings!

all users are limited to 10 posts per hour.

Regular users can earn up to 150 PepaCoins per day

Pro users can earn up to 300 PepaCoins per day


In addition to the Pepa Coins you can get a cash bonus by inviting friends with your
Affiliate link. For each friend that sign up you recieve US $0.10. 
you also get 10% of their affiliate earnings.
start sharing your affiliate link now. it takes 50 sign ups for you to walk away with $5 or more in a short amount of time.
N.B. in order to avoid invalid or fake Affiliates
your affiliates must be active for atleast 7 days in order for you to claim your bonus.
to avoid scammers, all affiliates are throughly check out by using a variety of methods that we wont mension.
Other ways to earn will be coming soon, including challenges and contests.
Happy earnings!.
please follow site Rules while you earn, learnand share your moments with new friends!
your account must be verfied before you are able to withdraw
HAppy Earnings!
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